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Code of Ethics

Adherence to the following principles is a requirement of membership.

As professional chemists, chemical technologists, chemists-in-training or chemical technologists-in-training, the members of The Nova Scotia Chemists’ Society undertake:

- To dedicate themselves to the highest standards of personal honour and professional integrity;

- To extend fairness and loyalty to associates, employers, subordinates and employees; and

- To accept and defend the primacy of public well-being.

In observance of these commitments, they shall adhere to the following:

13.01 Duties of Members to the Public

A member shall:

- have proper regard in all his or her work for the safety, health and welfare of the public;

- protect the public welfare by acting responsibly at all times and by cooperating with government and consumer agencies;

- not be associated with enterprises contrary to the public well-being or sponsored by persons of questionable integrity;

- show due diligence in the practice in the profession and demonstrate an effort to keep up to date with its changes;

- have the public interest take precedence over all other interests; and

- protect the environment by acting responsibly at all times and by cooperating with government and consumer agencies.

13.02 Duties of Members to their Employers or Clients

A member shall:

- provide competent and responsible services, and shall only undertake work which he or she is competent to carry out;

- be honest, diligent and conscientious in the performance of his or her duties.

- not be engaged in activities conflicting with his employment, nor accept remuneration for services rendered other than from his or her employer or client, unless his or her employer or client gives written consent to do so;

- set fees which fairly reflect the knowledge, skill and time involved in performing services; and

- not disclose confidential information without the express consent of his or her employer or client.

13.03 Duties of Members to Themselves, Other Members and the Society

A member shall:

- practice chemistry in accordance with the laws of Nova Scotia and Canada;

- present a good image to the public by maintaining high ethical standards of practice and standards of personal ethics that reflect credit to the Society;

- support the Society and further its aims;

- conduct himself or herself towards other members with fairness and good faith;

- endeavour to cooperate with other members, and will encourage the ethical dissemination of new methods and technical knowledge; and

- not deliberately or maliciously attempt to injure the reputation of another member.

- maintain a high level of competence through continuing education.

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